• Mike Gitter xXx Fanzine

    xXx book written by Mike Gitter has left me very impressed. Therefore I’ve decided to write few dozen questions, and send them to Gitter. My expectation were, that the story would extend, well beyond current issue of the fanzine. I like to ask way too many questions, and it is totally cool if it took him a while to get back to me. However he answered in full, all within 48 hour period. Enjoy!!!!   Interview by N.B. & S.M.…

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  • Chris Colohan

    Chris Colohan

    If anyone goes to discogs page and looks under your name, they will figure out there are 3 whole pages of bands and releases where you did vocals or were involved in any way. What keeps you moving forward? Where does Chris look for all the inspiration and anger packed in those lyrics and songs? Whoa, 3 pages? I guess it has been a busy run. Hey, I like this 3rd Person thing, I’m joining in. Chris just has a…

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  • Red Dons

    Portland, Oregon is well known for its great punk scene and Red Dons are one of the finest representative. They are nomadic punk band as their members spread out across Europe and the United States. Despite the distance between them, they`ve managed regularly to record and tour around the world. Last week they have published their tenth vinyl, 7 inch record “Genocide/Letters” which is available now through Man In Decline Records. Interview by: Zgro Photos by:  Pere G Ejby, Dave Forcier, Convertido Photography, Fernandez…

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  • Warsong

    You’re probably sick and tired of me talking about this band but from the moment I found out about them I was hooked.  Few years ago I would only listen to Warsong for days, on and on and on and if you asked me why I couldn’t tell you. After the release of their LP ‘Control” band went on a European tour and they played about 20 shows. Since I wasn’t able to catch them in person and talk to…

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  • Attitude Adjustment

    If I had to name the top 10 hardcore punk records ever, among them it would definitely be “American Paranoia” and “No More Mr. Nice Guy”. First, very raw, while “No More Mr. Nice Guy” was mature and totally different yet both are phenomenal. 

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  • Kill Your Idols

    When in the mid-90s NY bands played mix of everything, KYI brought back the spirit of the 80’s, played marathon tours, released officially 5 LPs and bunch of split releases with some of the most important HC bands from the late 90s. You simply have to love KYI and their NYHC sound.

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